Fresh Start Helps The Homeless… With All-Natural Beef Pet Food?

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Fresh Start is making a difference with its sustainable employment program. The idea: hire the homeless to make high-protein and high-quality pet food using natural ingredients for local pet parents to purchase!

What would you say to a pet food company that feeds more mouths than just your pooch or kitty? That’s the mission of St. Louis, Missouri’s Fresh Start, a social enterprise that’s named after both its merchandise and its mission. This local, non-profit dishes up high-quality, high-protein dog and cat food, produced through a network of volunteers and by hiring, training and mentoring homeless people, effectively putting food on their tables, too.

Local pet parents have access to quality, affordable food for their fur-babies; the animals get nutritious chow; and hard-pressed folks who have fallen on hard times have a helping hand to get back on their feet. With Fresh Start, everybody wins.

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The Meat of the Matter

You are what you eat, as they say. So why would you feed your pets a diet of fillers and who-knows-what-else? Pet parents can all relate – do we really know what’s in their food? Fresh Start is all about serving up protein-rich, raw-meat meals with ingredients you can actually pronounce: 90 percent beef hearts and livers, and the remaining 10 percent consisting of carrots, yams, blueberries, fish oil, flaxseed, and more good stuff. No grains or glutens to be found. The raw food is portioned, packaged and frozen. All you have to do is thaw a portion half an hour before feeding.

Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. A high-protein diet can result in healthier skin, shinier coats, less poop, and yes – less stink. Woo hoo!

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If you’re still not sold, consider the cash factor. Fresh Start is actually offering all these benefits at a reasonable price. Here’s how they do it:

The Bottom Line

While gourmet pet food lines typically come at sky-high prices, Fresh Start is committed to affordable nutrition for our furry friends, by using its proceeds efficiently. By cooking up its food in church kitchens, and selling it at city wide churches, participating pet groomers, through boutique and socially minded pet shops, and Fresh Start’s online store, they don’t have shell out any money for rent and equipment. All proceeds from the sale of its dog and cat foods are rolled right back into the production process in the form of ingredients, equipment and employees, who earn $10 per hour. Sure, it’s no six-figure salary, but for a homeless person struggling to find food and shelter, it goes a long way.

If you live in the St. Louis area, you should check out the program. You’ll be serving your dog a daily home cooked meal and helping out neighbors in need. For more information, to purchase protein-packed pet food, or to make a donation to this worthy cause, visit the Fresh Start website. And if you already purchase your dog or cat food from them, let us know how you like it – leave a comment below!

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