From Rescue To Runway: Cavalier Newest Model For Designer Karen Walker

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The reality behind that puppy in the window – chances are, he came from a puppy mill. Dogs in puppy mills are often subjected to deplorable conditions, and purchasing a dog from a pet store just perpetuates the cycle. Toast, an adorable King Charles Cavalier, was living in such conditions until she was rescued by comedian Josh Osrovsky and his wife, Katie Sturino. Who knew that one day, this adorable pooch would become the face of a world-renown designer?

karen-walker-toast-sunglasses-1Toast captured the hearts of many when her parents made her an Instagram account – she had her own unique look that made her an Insta-Star. Her followers fell in love with the snuggly ginger whose tongue hangs out the side of her mouth. That’s how Toast caught the attention of Karen Walker – by wearing a pair of her signature sunglasses in an Instragram photo.

Looking as sassy as ever, Toast is now the feature model behind Karen Walker’s spring 2015 eyewear campaign. This rags-to-riches story has quite the happy ending. Toast’s story has made the rounds and is helping to raise awareness about what goes on behind the scene in puppy mills. Walker not only paid Toast for her fantastic work, but also donated money to a dog rescue.

We love this story – Toast went from spending her life in a cage to having her own groomer on the set. We’re happy to report that the fame hasn’t gone to her head. She’s still the same dog who loves sleeping in and snuggling with her loving owners. If you’d like to learn more about her (and who wouldn’t), check out the official Toast website (apparently, she’s a big Rob Lowe fan and loves tacos).

Her tale paves the runway for other dogs in unfortunate situations, all while putting a smile on the faces of many. You go, girl!