Giant Mutant Spider Dog Terrifies Victims in Hilarious Prank [Video]

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
Watch out for things that go bump in the night… we hear there’s a giant mutant spider dog on the loose!

Residents of a town in Poland got the fright of their lives recently as a gigantic mutant spider wreaked havoc on the streets.

Okay, okay… so maybe it wasn’t actually a mutant spider. There’s a small chance it might have been a dachshund mix named Chica dressed up in (an admittedly scary) giant spider costume. In the dark, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference, we’ll grant these prank victims that much.

YouTube user SA Wardega thought it would be dog-gone hilarious to use Chica to scare the tar out of random strangers, and ummm… we can’t say we disagree. In fact, we nearly died laughing. Just don’t send any giant mutant spider dogs our way in the middle of the night (pretty please?).

Check out the video below to see these poor folks’ hysterical reaction when they come face-to-face with this terrifying “mutant”.

And if you’re inspired to scare the crap out of your friends, family, or neighbors… We’ve got you covered. Whether you have a tiny Shih Tzu or a chunky Lab, with some clever costumes, you can terrify your loved ones- although I admit that the giant mutant spider works best if your pooch is small or medium-sized. It makes it seem more ‘realistic’, ya know? So without further ado, here are some of the scariest spider costumes for dogs- pick one that you think will make your four-legged bestie look the part.

Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume

With eight bendable legs, you’ll be able to create the spookiest poses- and make sure your pooch looks like a real creepy crawly. Not to mention the plush and furry fabric that resembles real spider hair: perfect for deceiving unsuspecting prank victims.

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Malier Halloween Spider Dog Costume

Easy to attach with velcro straps that go over the chest and neck, this costume features eight furry legs the sight of which will make your enemies’ blood turn cold- or squeal with cuteness and adoration. It can go either way, really.

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Black and Orange Spider PUP Dog Costume

Why not go over the top when you have the chance? This detailed spider costume for dogs features a very realistic costume with 8 legs, trademark fuzzy spider butt, and all that with orange and black faux fur all over to resemble the scariest of critters. To boot, the getup also includes a headpiece with nightmarish googly eyes.

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Princess Paradise Tarantula Dog Costume

With an attached shaggy hood and horns, this spider costume goes above and beyond to make your cute little pooch a scary monster (still adorable though). And if you want to join in on the fun, this costume comes in a matching adult and child versions.

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Rubie’s Pet Spider Harness Costume

If your pooch is not big on wearing outfits, this costume is ideal for him. The harness-style means that it closes around the neck and waist, allowing movement and breathability. And the eight legs will bounce when your mutt struts his stuff- super cute!

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Pet Krewe Spider Costume for Small Dogs

Cower at the sight of this fuzzy, fluffy monster! With furry details and pliable legs, this costume is really well made- and easy to put on as well, with adjustable velcro straps for a better fit.

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Coppthinktu Spider Dog Hoodie

If your pet is accustomed to wearing hoodies, he’ll love this one – it’s a soft, warm, comfy way to get your pooch in a costume. Thanks to the bouncy legs and creepy red eyes, your pooch will be able to terrify onlookers without having to be uncomfortable while spreading terror- a win-win combo.

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Rubie’s Costume Company Giant Spider Pet Suit

This high-quality spider costume promises to transform your pooch into a vicious arachnid thanks to all the little details such as bendable legs and furry patches. However, when worn, this costume actually looks more like it’s a spider devouring your dog than your dog being a spider- which is somehow even more terrifying.

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Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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