Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture guarding the doors of Hamilton City Hall.

Hamilton, Ontario Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s puppy Dash may have some competition in the cute dog department this summer when Ralph, a 15-foot sculpture made from sage grass native to New Zealand parks his shaggy bottom outside of City Hall.

The City of Hamilton’s horticultural staff created the fluffy, playful-looking pooch, from grasses they grew in the city greenhouses earlier this spring.

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Local metal artist Trevor McInytre created frames that were designed by the horticulture staff to root the grass in. The frames also included soil and a watering system inside the metal sculpture that will help keep Ralph nice and hydrated through the hot summer, and keep him looking shaggy-licious.

Marcia Monaghan is the superintendent of horticulture for the city and said her inspiration for the project came when she saw Mosaiculture in Ottow last year. The horticultural display was a phenomenal way to show some fantastic plants off in a unique way that citizens related to and loved.

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Monagan said that many people assumed that the choice of a giant fluffy dog was fueled by the Mayor’s puppy, or the OHL Bulldogs, or even it simply being the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, but the reality is they just thought that a shaggy dog sculpture was fun.

She’s not wrong! The sculpture is creative and whimsical and will be joined by huge butterfly as well. Citizens will most likely be able to visit the feats of floral arrangements through October, or first frost.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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