Glitter Balls: Pet Grooming’s New Trend?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Two Words: Glitter Balls. That’s what a couple of groomers are sharing in pictures of dogs who have had their testicles ‘glittered’ with syrup and edible glitter, and the Internet is breaking with comments and opinions.

A social media post showing the nether regions of a gorgeous standard poodle named Valo is making the rounds–nearly a year after it was initially posted, because people finally paid attention to the fact that Valo’s testicles have been glittered.

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I have seen so many things in this career. Very few things surprise me.Yet here I sit looking at glitter dog balls. 😂ETA: done using corn syrup and edible glitter. Those are some sweet balls.

Posted by Groomery Foolery on Monday, January 7, 2019

Yes, glittered, with edible corn syrup and edible glitter, and blue obviously was the color of choice. The rebound has come from a social media post from Royal Paws Pet Salon’s repost of Valo, a beautiful standard poodle belonging to Jordan Burns with Cosmic Caliber Standard Poodles. Earlier this month, Groomery Foolery posted the pictures and since Royal Paws posted (saying that would NOT be on the list of their grooming offerings), glitter dog testicles have become a thing, with a push to make legit.
Not everyone is so keen on the idea, with some calling it abuse and others just wondering what in the heck would make one ‘glitter’ their dogs…baby-makers?

Burns said that she’d seen it done somewhere and decided to do it for a Pet Expo, while the folks at Groomery Foolery reminded naysayers about what animal abuse truly looked like and what commenters could do about it.

Posted by Groomery Foolery on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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A few other salons have joined with Royal Paws in saying they will not be glittering any testicles, regardless of it becoming the next ‘grooming trend’ (hey, if men are going to glitter their hairy chins, why not?), but others find the idea intriguing.

Posted by Jordan Burns on Monday, January 7, 2019

The posts have gone viral, and with over 48,000 comments on Royal Paws’s post and it’s no wonder as Valo is a gorgeous dog whether he’s shaking his glitter things or not. And let’s face it…how often does one get the chance to comment on a show dog’s sugared nuts?
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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