Global Pet Expo 2017: Bissell Cleans Carpets and Pets With BarkBath

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Bissells aren’t just for carpets any more. The new BarkBath Portable Dog Grooming System will rub-a-dub your dog!

I am walking around in awe of all the ahhhh-mazing things at the Global Pet Expo. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a machine that fondly reminds me of one of my favorite appliances–my Bissell SpotBot Pet Carpet Cleaner. (I have a weird affection for cleaning machines!)

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Imagine my surprise when I see that the BarkBath is like the ‘cool uncle’ family member to the SpotBot and is designed to make bathing your dog an easier, less messy process that you can do just about anywhere!

It’s portable, and has nozzles that were specifically designed to get beneath your dog’s fur and right to his skin so that the shampoo part cleans him while the suctioning part softly pulls the dirty water away into a separate tank. It was created to be used with dogs of any fur-length, and one tank of the no-rinse shampoo will completely wash and rinse dogs up to 80 pounds.

The No-Rinse shampoo is a formulation that has been used in hospitals on humans for years and is now available for pets to leave their coats smooth and conditions. It contains no alcohol and is pH balanced for your pup, with a light mulberry scent that smells great but isn’t too heavy for your pooch.

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Bissell is offering the BarkBath as an IndieGoGo Perk starting at $109 and going up to $149, depending on the extra goodies you choose to back. Accessories include a microfiber mat for the unit so you can use it just about anywhere, as well as a microfiber cloth for Rover’s paws and Face.

I’ve loved my SpotBot–and have a feeling I’ll love a BarkBath even more!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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