Top 10 Off-The-Wall Dog Grooming Creations

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton

Is it campy art or a really bad hair day? No matter what your opinion on the matter is, you have to admit that these extreme grooms warrant a double take.

Extreme grooming has taken off in a big way. Groomers showcase their skills and creativity by turning pups into all sorts of creations. It’s more than a snip or a trim, too; these dogs have been coifed, styled, and even dyed (with pet-safe, vegetable-based dyes) to look like an art project. Often, the groomers dress to match.

Here, 10 of the most off-the-wall dog grooms that make you wonder: What do you suppose the dogs think of these looks?

Step right up, ladies and gents, to see the circus’ main attraction: the half elephant half tiger! Though, this guy might fit better in the sideshow than in the center ring. (Photo credit: Ren Netherland)

From the circus to the aviary, this pup looks like she could flit away. Major points for creativity, but the flamingo beak looks like the pup had fun chomping on some mud. (Photo credit: Ren Netherland)

Perfectly on key, this barbershop group appears ready to burst into a rendition of The Be Sharps’ famous hit, “Baby on Board.” (Photo credit: Paul Nathan)

Peter Pan dukes it out with Captain Hook, who’s being swallowed by the crocodile on this extreme groom that proves this groomer never grew up.

Wonder what Statler and Waldorf, the cranky old hecklers on “The Muppets,” would think of this mashup of characters. I’m sure they’d have a comment about Gonzo’s, er, placement. (Photo credit: Ren Netherland)

One of TV’s biggest events—Shark Week or, perhaps, Sharknado—comes to life on this poodle groomed to look like a hammerhead. Don’t worry: He doesn’t bite. Probably.

Big Bird and Elmo are accompanied by a way-too-cute Oscar the Grouch on this Sesame Street-inspired design.

Eighties girls everywhere (or Bronies) will squeal in delight at this purple-and-pink My Little Pony concoction. (Photo credit: Imgur)

Party in the front… peacock in the back. This elaborate creation is less about the dog’s groom, which is a trim with a bit of dye, and more about what’s glued onto the back: an array of sparkling peacock feathers. (Photo credit: Ren Netherland)

This little green guy, Khaleesi’s lesser-known, not-so-dangerous dragon, takes the prize for cutest off-the-wall groom. (Photo credit: fuzzytoday)

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton

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