Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1: For All The Furry Friends

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo is always an incredible event. We see old furry friends, meet new paw-some friends, and of course—find the best pet products around!

We started the day off with an inspirational session led by Merrick and K9 For Warriors. The two organizations have been partners for several years, forging a relationship based on shared values and the belief that dogs are incredible for so many different reasons. We got to hear from K9 For Warriors CEO Rory Diamond, who shared that not only has the K9 For Warriors/Merrick partnership helped veterans return to civilian life, but they’ve helped propel research that shows therapeutic benefit for veterans. This research has been the backbone for legislation that will help enable veterans to receive therapy dogs that are covered by the Veteran’s Association. The most heartwarming thing to learn was that the majority of the dogs trained for K9 For Warriors are rescue dogs, proving that good boys (and girls) come in shapes, sizes and breeds.

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We then spent the day checking out all the amazing pet products. The New Product Showcase had a little something for all our pet companions—dogs, cats, fish, chickens. If it’s a pet product, it’s here at Global and the New Product Showcase didn’t disappoint.

Since we’re talking about furry friends, we loved checking out the Fetch For Pets’ new Friends line. Your pup can have their own version of Central Perk’s coffee mug while they’re asking “How You Doin'” and wearing their very own Friends gear!

We also came across Relaxopet. Relaxopet helps stressed dogs using a noise-motion system. The Relaxopet detects your dog’s stressors and then turns on its advanced vibration technology to calm your pet down. What a great option for fireworks, thunderstorms and more!

We got to talk the founders of the Smart Buckle Dog collars--cool collars that make it easy to update your pet’s information and use a free app in case they ever get lost. Their newest venture is the Beacon, a wireless, shockless perimeter that lets you know when your dog has left a predetermined (by you) area. We love the safety aspect of both the Smart Buckle Collar and the Beacon!

We got to see old friends, like Barrett, the inspiration behind the Barrett Ball. You may remember we met Barrett last year, along with his mom and dad last year. Barrett was just as good a boy this year as he was last year, and it was great to visit with them!

Of course, we saw lots of animals…adorable bunnies…

And delightful, smiling puppies. Say hello to Dori and Nemo, who are both up for adoption with Florida Little Animal Rescue. Just go ahead and tell us that Dori isn’t smiling!

We were entertained by impressive, juggling clowns…of the Royal variety, no less!

We ate a few dog cookies. Yes, we the HUMANS did, because they’re made of Human-Grade ingredients, all organic, and oh–tasted pretty darn good too! Cookie Pal is a sister company to the delicious organic human snacks MadeGood.

And we came across the most interesting thing–a dog cancer detection kit.

Now, of course, we were a bit skeptical too. That is, until we saw the science behind it. Well-founded and peer-reviewed, the work a group of Princeton, Cornell and University of Chicago scientists collaborated on when looking at DNA ended up with an incredible tool for pet parents.

If your dog does indeed have cancer, the DNA kit will detect it, and the free app immediately helps connect you with oncologists who can give you further options.

Can something like a cancer detection kit stop cancer? Probably not.

But if you knew about your dog’s cancer (or even the propensity) earlier, wouldn’t it be amazing to have that information and make all the informed choices you could? We think so too, and are really, really excited about the future of our beloved furry friends’ health.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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