Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 2: The Furry Fun Continues

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Day two of Global Pet Expo was just as anticipated…full of pets, pet parents, pet education and the best of pet products. It’s a ruff life looking for the top products for man’s best friend, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Of course, we saw lots of animals. Lots of different types of animals. Puppies told us that they like to be the stars of the show, but we were pretty wowed with some fish…

And some adorable kittens playing in the Catit section…

But of course, we saw some adorable puppies too!

As much as we wanted to play with all the animals, we did have work to do, so we set off to find the coolest pet products Global had to offer. We found our friends at Jiminy’s. You may remember last year we told you all about their sustainable protein treats made of crickets. Yes, crickets.

They’ve introduced food now, and in doing so, they save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a year, as well as untold amounts of landfill preservation with their sustainable packaging.

We met new friends, like the incredible treat makers at The Doggie Express. According to Top Executive Dawg Adam, Doggie Express came to be when Adam’s moms realized that the ingredients in the treats Adam and his furry pack members were eating were full of artificial flavors and ingredients. They hired a pastry chef and worked with the Culinary Institute LeNotre and The University of Houston and the result were these delicious, organic, natural treats that dogs love. Doggie Express donates to local charities and educates at events to teach people about good nutrition for dogs, and they make gorgeous treats!

We also found a great company that is committed to protecting the paws of our precious pooches! Poochy Pawz makes fabulous booties for pets that keep their feet protected from the elements. More, they help keep pet paws clean, and that means they’re not dragging in all sorts of bacteria and germs that they then rub all over your pillow as they settle in for a nap! Poochy Paws come in super cute patterns.

As we walked, we loved seeing all the innovations that pet product companies brought to Global. For instance, we spoke to the team at Pet Strips. You know how getting your dog to take his or her supplements takes nothing short of a miracle? Not anymore with Pet Strips. These babies help deliver supplements to your dog with the power of letting them dissolve on their tongue! A traditional supplement chew or pill breaks down and your pet may lose anywhere between 80-90% of the bioavailability of the supplement. Pet Strips hit the spot, literally, way faster, bypass the digestive system altogether and make the impact stronger and faster.

More pet parents than ever are becoming label readers and looking to be sure that what goes into and onto their pets are clean and healthy. Earth Animal is committed to using what Mother Nature gave to treat animals and the planet. They believe in loving and nurturing the life of pets by making pet products that consider social and environmental impact. Their herbal remedies are an excellent option for natural pet parents.

Speaking of natural pet parents, we LOVED BioDoGradable’s BioComPet’s pet poop composter. Not only will it compost your organic waste, but it’ll also compost your pup’s poop and give you some free fertilizer in the process! The BioDoGradable bags are made of corn, and you literally put your dog’s poop bag in the composter and 24-48 hours later, have fertilizer for your garden and no poop to worry about!

We made sure we kept a little time for play, of course. Check out the Wicked Ball! It’s the first smart interactive pet toy that can keep your pet busy while you are away. It’s 100% automatic and has an obstacle avoidance system to help make sure it doesn’t get lost or stuck while you’re gone. It’ll stop after half an hour of interaction so your pets don’t get overtired, and it won’t get stuck under the bed or the sofa. Huzzah!

We found a little time to play too, hanging out with Loopy Llama over at PetLinks Brand.

But at the end of the day, we can’t lie. We got to see so many amazing things, but like Chase here, we’re dog tired!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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