Global Pet Expo: The Lazy Dog Supports Dogs On Deployment

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
When we’re at Global Pet Expo, we love to find companies that support great causes. There are no shortage of those, and one company we found especially touching is the Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

Last year at the Global Pet Expo, I ran across The Lazy Dog Cookie Co., and fell in love with their cookies and treats, particularly their birthday Pup-Pie.

This year, I learned that they’ve partnered with Dogs on Deployment, an organization that gives important assistance to military pet owners. Too often, when military members are called to duty, they have to rely on others to help take care of their beloved furbabies. Dogs on Deployment helps in this and many other assistance opportunities, and The Lazy Dog helps them in that effort.

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Founders Amy and Keith Augustine love all animals, and they believe that every moment with our pets counts. They know that for our military members, time with loved ones is precious, and that includes our furry loved ones. When military members face situations where they are in training or have to move in permanent duty stations or deployments, Dogs on Deployments helps, and The Lazy Dog helps them.

Dogs on Deployment was founded by military members Alisa and Shawn Johnson, who believe that every family member–pets included–is important and needs to be supported during all times of active duty service. As military members, they recognize and have gone through the challenges a military pet owner faces, particularly when ensuring loving care for their pets when they are serving our country, and they work to provide an online network for service members to find volunteers who will lovingly board their pets during their work commitments. Dogs on Deployment promotes life-long, responsible ownership by working to ensure military pet owners maintain their rights, as well as giving educational and financial resources to military pet owners during emergency situations.

To help in this effort, the folks at The Lazy Dog launched “Operation Drool Overload”–treats that will make your dogs drool with anticipation and for which profits will help support Dogs on Deployments. Keith said that they are happy to help support their military, as well as other charities, which they do every quarter when they donate 5% of their profits to pet advocacy organizations.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.,’s products have no fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients, and one you can personally take my word for it, they make your dog go nuts because they love their taste so much! They’re all made with human grade ingredients and as the owners of several pets themselves, Keith and Amy make it their mission to treat every dog with love by treating them with Lazy Dog.

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But what I love the most is that they say one of the main reasons they started Lazy Dog was to support animals, and partnering with Dogs on Deployment not only helps animals, but helps our men and women in uniform at the same time.

So check out some of their awesome products (I love the names of their Halloween and Christmas Treats that are coming out!) and give your dog some love…while at the same time, giving military members and their dogs some too.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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