Global Pet Foods’ Show Us Your Heart Campaign Hits the $1.5 Million

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Canadians have big hearts – especially when it comes to pets. And they’ve proved it once again during Global Pet Food’s “Show Us Your Heart” fundraiser.

This year Canadians proved that even though they may not have room in their homes for multiple pets, they will always have room in their hearts for animals in need. It was all done through the Global Pet Foods annual “Show Us Your Heart” campaign which raises funds in support of animal shelters, rescue groups and other pet-related organizations across Canada.

From February 10 to 26, 2017 Global Pet Foods, along with Michael “Pinball” Clemons, asked Canadian pet parents to show their hearts to homeless pets by making a donation at any Global Pet Foods store or by donating online through

The response was overwhelming and total funds raised were ultimately sent through the roof by Global Pet Foods themselves who matched the first dollar of every in-store donation made. The result was a whopping $1.5 million that will be used to help feed and provide medical care for the thousands of homeless animals in the care of 135 animal shelters across Canada.

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The good folk at Global Pet Foods were amazed by the record-breaking show of support for this year’s campaign. The in-store donations resulted in hundreds of paper hearts plastered across their windows and throughout their stores while on-line donations included stories of kids who had raided their piggy banks to donate or asked that birthday gifts be replaced by contributions to the campaign. How great is it that we’re teaching our kids to be compassionate and generous at such a young age!

The Global Pet Foods organization has actively raised funds in support of local companion animal charities and shelters for more than 40 years. This year they are extending 1.5 million “thank-you”s to their customers for the loyalty, generosity and compassion to animals in need that they have shown each year.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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