Gorgeous Blondes Gather To Celebrate The Golden Retriever’s Birthday

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Legend has it that 150 years ago, aristocrat Dudley Majoribanks, who was also known asLord Tweedmouth of of the Scottish Highlands wanted a dog. He didn’t want just any dog, though; he wanted a dog who’d be an excellent hunter and who could fare thee well in both the rocky and often boggy and marshy terrain in which he lived and loved.

He figured that a wavy-coated retriever mixed with a tweed-water spaniel might give him all he was looking for, and the golden retriever’s ancestry began.

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The golden retriever is the third most popular breed in the United States, second behind Labrador Retrievers and the German Shepherd, and they’re adored in their original land of Scot.

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland figured there’d be no better way to celebrate than to gather goldens at the Guisachan Estate in Tomich, Scotland.

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In their 2006 gathering, 188 goldens made it to the gathering, but 361 from all over the world joined the party this time, and the videos and pictures are pretty fantabulous.

Partial as I am to Golden Retrievers, I’m a bit jealous of the love fest that surely had to have been going on.

Happy Birthday, Goldens!