Great Dane Fulfills Squirrel Fantasy, Gets Stuck in Tree

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Do you think that this dog was saying to herself: “Hey, if the cat can do it, so can I!” Sure, it’s possible… but the dog stuck in this tree happens to be a 120 pound Great Dane. What the…?? How the…??? We have so many questions that need to be answered!

The saga began when the owners of Kora, a Great Dane from Louisville, Nebraska, couldn’t find the mischievous pooch. They went outside to look for her, but it was like she had vanished. Then, they had heard the Kora barking, but couldn’t find her… until they looked up and saw what can only be described as the shock of a lifetime.

The young Great Dane had jumped over a five-foot fence and scurried 20 feet up the tree. Maybe she needed a better view (as if she wasn’t tall enough). Or perhaps she was filling a life-long dream to become a bird dog (Ha! Get it?!). Whatever the motivation was to climb up, Kona was not coming down… without a little help.

The firefighers (who thought the call was a hoax) soon arrived and mounted what was sure to be a spectacular rescue. They propped up a ladder and climbed up the tree to get her… only to find that no amount of cajoling would entice her down the ladder. A harness was found, and they began their “great” decent – only to have the harness break. Thank goodness the fall wasn’t far and there was a net underneath the tree to catch the canine squirrel. After making a safe landing, Kora trotted away, like nothing happened.

Let’s hope that whatever it was that compelled her to climb the tree is out of her system, and Kora will be content to stay on solid ground.