Marmaduke-Sized Great Dane Could Be the World’s Tallest Dog

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
The bigger the dog, the bigger the heart? Meet Major, a friendly Great Dane who’s out to set a World Record.

Major is a Great Dane whose impressive stature towers over the other dogs at the dog park, quite possibly at any dog park. Toes to nose when standing, Major measures a whopping 7ft and 1 inch! That’s as tall as NBA legends Joel Przybilla, Meyers Leonard, and Tyson Chandler. Though the dog does not compete in basketball, he does compete for world records! Major will be up against 3 other dogs this year to be crowned the world’s official tallest dog after the passing of the previous title’s owner, George.

With his speckled grey coat and soulful eyes, this friendly giant is quite the sight to behold. Major lives with his parents who love him dearly and praise his lovely demeanor. “He is the biggest-hearted dog in the world. He is such a fantastic animal. People love seeing him. They play with him all day,” his owner Brian Williams told media outlets.

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What’s a day in the life like for a dog of this size? He lives in South Wales where “he has got free reign of the place if he wants to go out, he isn’t locked indoors,” Williams assured interviewers. Major doesn’t seem to let his size go to his head, he sleeps for up to 22 hours a day and doesn’t knock too much over. As many of you may be wondering what exactly Major is being fed to grow so tall, his diet consists of mostly chicken and rice. In his case, it’s probably genetics over food that determined his height, but his meals do keep him fit and healthy. Major’s trim physique weighs in at around 168 pounds.

Major wasn’t always this big, but his parents knew what they were getting into when they brought home a Great Dane, a breed which is known for its tall stature. “We bought him as a pup and he has been with us ever since,” they stated.

Though Major may look intimidating, he is actually quite a friendly guy. Much like Clifford the big red dog, this huge hound wouldn’t hurt a fly. According to his family, he’s “afraid of his own shadow, he’s absolutely great with kids and an absolute star.”

There’s quite a bit of work to look after such a gigantic creature, and possibly some of the biggest dog poops to scoop on the planet. However, Major’s pet parents know he’s worth everything. “He brings us a lot of happiness and is so easy to look after. He’s just got a terrific temperament and never gives us a minute’s problems.”

We wish Major all the best luck as he awaits his measurement to be crowned tallest dog in the world!

[Source: Telegraph]

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