Freddy the Great Dane is World’s Tallest Living Dog

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
While runts of the litter may not start off big, one record-breaking Great Dane has just proven that even the little puppy can meet huge expectations!

Guinness World Records has just named a Great Dane from Leigh-on-Sea, England, as the world’s tallest living dog. Freddy is a four-year-old Great Dane who is 40.75″, stands at 7’5.5″ when on his hind legs, and weighs a hefty 203 pounds. He lives with his sister, Fleur and is doted upon by his mom, Clare Stoneman.

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Stoneman said that she got him a few weeks earlier than she would have normally because the little runt wasn’t feeding well and was doing poorly. He was half the size of his sister, and Stoneman said she had no idea he’d ever get as big as he is now! Obviously, Freddy has quite the appetite and his mom spends about $12,225 (US) annually to feed the massive pooch. Every day he eats the equivalent of 2.2 pounds of minced beef, half a pound of beefsteak, 3/4 a pound of liver and his kibble. He also enjoys whole roast chickens and peanut butter on toast.

Stoneman says that whenever they go out on walks, people crowd around both Freddy and Fleur, and while they walk, Stoneman says cars will literally brake and stop to look at him because he is so enormous.

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Prior to Freddy being the world’s tallest dog, five-year-old Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, held the title. Zeus measured at 44 inches and stood at 7’4″ on his hind legs. He passed on in 2011, but still maintains the record as the world’s tallest dog ever, while Freddy now currently holds the tallest dog alive title. The average lifespan for a Great Dane is six to eight years, and Freddy’s mom says she plans to continue to feed and fuss over the record breaker (along with his sister, of course)!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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