Hawaiian “Clear The Shelter” Campaign A Big Success

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Shelter workers at the Honolulu Hawaiian Humane Society had an end-of-year goal. They wanted to clear out all the animals they had for adoption, and launched their “Clear The Shelter” campaign to do so. For several days, volunteers worked tirelessly to find homes for 24 of the shelter pets, with the additional incentive of waived adoption fees to help find new families for their animals.

Over the course of two days, pets who had been there for long periods were given second chances at happy lives with furever families, and by December 29, only had one pet left to find a home for… a little mix aptly named Beauty. On that day, a sweet local woman identified as ‘Jan’ walked into the humane society to look, and walked out with a new family member, and the last of the animals as part of the clearing the shelter effort.

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As Beauty’s adoption was a momentous occasion, shelter volunteers made a human tunnel surrounding Beauty and her new Mama as they left the shelter, and you can see in the facebook video Hawaii News posted that everyone was clearly emotional about Beauty’s adoption and the campaign’s success. Beauty’s new mama was overwhelmed by the love, and joked that maybe they needed to go on a ‘honeymoon,’ while Beauty just sort of took it all in, not really sure about what was happening as she was being bid a sweet farewell.

The shelter’s communications coordinator Suzy Tam said that this effort was the first time in their history that all the animals available for adoption were adopted, and they are happy that they’ll be able to focus even more efforts now for a group of over 270 dogs they’d rescued from an abusive shelter in October. Now that the currently available dogs have all found families, these rescued dogs will have the opportunity to be given the extra time and care they need to be ready for adoption themselves.

That said, the shelter didn’t stay clear for long–the next day, 15 animals were brought to the shelter, but by the end of the day, all but three were already adopted out. Tam credits the local community for coming together and working for the animals’ well-being.

As for Jan and Beauty? Clearly, a happy match was made, and we bet the two of them will be very happy together!