Lost Dogs Rescued From Lava On Hawaii’s Big Island

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a happy ending for two scared dogs who were found after they ran from their home as Hawaii’s big island began to overflow with lava from an erupted volcano.

Carol Hosley’s dogs Brus and Little Dude were terrified about ten days ago as a volcano erupted and began spewing lava near their home. Hosley was evacuated from the Leilani Estates apartment she lived in and the dogs ran off in terror.

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Hosely has been looking for them since, terrified the worst had happened, and has thankfully been reunited with the dogs, none too worse-the-wear after their traumatic fleeing.

The dogs were found on Sunday, terrifyingly close to a lava vent in the lower Puna area. Volunteers have been helping in the search, and according to Daylynn Kyles, the dogs were stuck behind a fence with lava surrounding them. Kyles is with Aloha Ilio Dog Rescue and said it was just a crazy scene.

BRUS IS FOUND!!!!Please circulate this post. He was stuck behind a fence and in the forest. These two ladies are the BOMB! Speaking of bombs, the sounds in there today was SCARY! Boom! boom!

Posted by Aloha Ilio Rescue on Sunday, May 13, 2018

The rescue group posted pictures of the dogs on their Facebook page, stuck behind the fence with lava all around and told how their rescue team went through the tall grass and over the fence so they could get the dogs. The pups were traumatized and had been bitten terribly by ants.

BRUS IS FOUND!!!!!Stuck behind a fence surrounded by lava.

Posted by Aloha Ilio Rescue on Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hosely said that she is just so thankful they are back and she is nursing them back to health. She said it puts the other ‘stuff’ lost in the lava in perspective as the dogs are what was really important.

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The island has continued to experience lava flow of epic proportion, and it’s unknown still the extent of damage to so many in the area. The island has already seen at least 20 fissures, with the 17th splitting the ground right near Leilani Estates where Hosely and the dogs lived. It was several hundred yards long, and the lava was spewing hundreds of feet in the air.

Other fissures have lava spurting above tree lines, and residents are unsure of what the future holds, but know it’s very different forevermore.

Still, Hosely remains grateful, as she has her furry family back with her.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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