Heroic Dogs And Their Humans Need Your Help to Get to US

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Two dogs who serve United States Service Members in war have forever homes with their humans in America, but they need help raising the funds to get them to the US.

Our service members put their lives in harm’s way every day. Often, in war-torn countries, plagued with physical and mental battle scars, they find solace in the fur of abandoned and stray pets of their host countries. Ghost, a beautiful cream retriever-mix who touched the heart of Army Sergeant Christian Cox serving in the Middle East, is one such pup. Ghost and Cox have formed a special bond, and Cox currently takes care of Ghost while he is there. Ghost has brought Cox much comfort and stability in such fragile and dangerous times, and Cox can’t imagine leaving when his obligation in the region is up without Ghost.

Cox turned to the New York-based rescue organization Guardians of Rescue to help efforts to bring Ghost back to the US to stay with Cox forever. As strays are often ill-cared for and perish in the war-torn region in which Cox serves, the organization knows that time is of the essence to bring him here. Guardians of Rescue’s mission is to protect the wellbeing of all animals, and knows how important these dogs are to the heroic men and women they serve with their love and protection.

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Calling their assistance a small gesture for soldiers, the organization is also helping bring another canine war hero home. Amigo, a Shepherd-mix bomb detecting dog also has a human handler who wants to have Amigo retire to the lap of luxury that he so deserves. Army Specialist Michael Fenton is currently caring for him, and also reached out to Guardians of Rescue to help bring retirement and a taste of the good life to brave Amigo.

Guardians of Rescue will send a representative to the regions in which the dogs currently are to escort them back to Pennsylvania, where families of both Sgt. Cox and Spec. Fenton are anxiously waiting to take care of the dogs until the soldiers return from their deployment. The service members and organization seek the public’s help, though, as the costs to bring these special dogs back to the states are often steep. They are currently looking to raise the $10,000 they need to complete this mission, and if you would like to help these heroes, you can donate here.

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Because after all, we never leave anyone behind, right? Dogs included.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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