Heroic Elderly Dog Went On Secret Mission To Rescue Neighbor

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A sheepdog in New Zealand went missing, but returned to his family exhausted. Because of the note left on his collar, he is now being hailed as a hero who rescued another canine companion.

Louie is a 12-year-old sheepdog who lives in New Zealand. He was rescued as a pup, and is a dear member of the Diver family. When he went missing, the family was disheartened, as he’s older and not up to some of the ardent sheepdog-ing he’d done in his youth.

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The family thought something had happened to him when he didn’t return, and they were right. When he finally did come back, he had a note tied to his collar by a neighbor, detailing that Louie had been part of a rescue mission to save another dog.

The note told the Diver family that Louie had been a hero, desperately telling their neighbor Rob something terrible had happened and he needed to follow Louie. Rob, who lives about a mile away, had returned from a shopping trip, and said that Louie was relentless in his desperation to get Rob to follow him.

Wondering what could possibly warrant the desperation, Rob followed Louie to a pile of wood on Rob’s property. There, Rob found his dog, Maddy, trapped under the pile. Maddie had been missing and Rob couldn’t believe he’d been led to her.

Once Maddy was rescued, Louie returned home, completely spent after traveling and helping recover sweet Maddy. Marolyn Diver-Dudfield said that Rob had left a note around Louie’s collar to ‘excuse’ him for being late in coming home. Poor Louie had clearly been wiped out, and Marolyn said that he just lay exhausted to the point that they were worried the rescue trip had been too much on him.

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The next day, Rob stopped by with a recovered Maddy, and Louie perked back up, seeing the fruits of his labor. Marolyn said they’ve always known he was an extraordinary dog, but they are so proud that he was able to help his friend, and they know they have a hero in their midst.

And Maddy agrees!

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