The Horror, The Horror -“Boston Terror” Animoji from Gucci Creeps Us Out!

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Gucci has another fashion first under its belt–the first fashion house to fall in with the Animojis that Apple has made oh-so-pupular. To access this one-of-a-kind Animoji, you must have Gucci’s mobile app. This is part of their new capsule collection to celebrate the year of the dog.

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The new Animoji is a Boston Terrier… we think. Look at it above. It looks so angry – like a vet just stuck a finger up its butt. What is it saying? “Brains! Brains!” Oh my dog – that’s it, it’s a zombie Boston Terror (Did you get that last pun?).

Gucci says that the animation is based on Bosco and Orso, the two Boston Terriers that belong to Alessandro Michele. Michele is Gucci’s Creative Director, and his dogs were the muse for British Artist Helen Downie, who collaborates with Gucci as “Unskilled Worker.

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Now, I’d not go so far as to say she’s unskilled, as this creation certainly took…effort. But I will say that we’re not sure she did the original Boston Terriers any favors by claiming them as the inspiration! The Animoji doesn’t smile or give off any indication whatsoever that it’ll do anything but bite you in the crotch, and frankly, seems pretty annoyed you even have the audacity to look at it.

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Our advice? If you see a dog on the street that remotely resembles the horrifying Boston Terror, we say run! Run for your lives!!!