IKEA Store Opens Doors to Stray Dogs in Italy

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The weather in Italy might be getting colder with each day, but this humanitarian story is warming hearts left and right. An IKEA store in Catania, Italy, is making headlines all over the world after one of its customers shared adorable pictures of stray dogs on social media. The connection to IKEA? Well, the photos were taken inside the store, where a dozen pooches could be seen lounging around the room displays.

The area where the store is located has a lot of strays, so the workers decided to let them come inside when the weather is ruff. Of course, as these doggos are as adorable as they come, they kind of let them hang around whenever (and wherever) they feel like it.

Some pooches prefer to kick it back in the living room displays, where there are soft and warm carpets to lie on. Others keep close to the entrance, as that’s where they can bask in the sunlight. Of course, there are a few bold puppers that ventured on the furniture, as well, getting their beauty sleep on the many sofas showcased in the store.

To no one’s surprise, shoppers absolutely loved seeing pooches all around the store. As you might have guessed, this is not a usual thing in Italy. Not only that the workers let the stray dogs inside for some warmth and comfort, but they also spoiled them the best they could- with food and cuddles.

Even though the Ikea’s display might be just a simulation of a home, for these dogs, it is the closest they had to a real one. Fortunately, for some canines, the make-belief home they had at Ikea turned into a furever one.

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A few of them have already been adopted by customers that came for affordable furniture but went home with a furry family member. Hopefully, once the Internet fame kicks in, all of these cute pooches won’t have to wait long to get adopted. In the end, you can decorate and furnish your house as much as you want, but it won’t be a home without a pet in it. So why not get it all at Ikea?