It’s Dogs From Cover to Cover on These Adorbs Magazine Mockups

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Ever wonder what magazines would look like if our furry friends could read? What would they want to see on the covers if they could, well…read? These covers give us a pretty good idea!

Our friends at ChromAnimals decided to come up with some hair-raising hilarity, commissioning graphic designer John Francis Try of Philadelphia to put his creative genius to the test. The results were nothing short of spectacular, and we imagine we’ll soon find them lining the aisles of pet store checkouts everywhere!

Watch out, Wag Wall Street! Looks like there are some new dogs in town, and they have fame and fortune on their agenda! Seriously…who wouldn’t rather read about the NasDOG than that boring stuff ticking across your morning news screen?

This lovely ode to food aficionados of the furry variety will be sure to get you drooling at the sound of the can opener, so to speak! Tips on how to not poop at parties (always welcomed behavior hosts approve of!) and how to make Shih Tzushi (though, that makes us worry some!) grace the cover of this page-turner!

Fresh on the heels (see what we did there?) of the Olympics, this sports magazine is sure to keep every pup updated on really important issues like dogs on ‘roids and appropriate behavior for Boxers who ‘bite.’ We have to ask though…what would the swimsuit edition look like?

Seems we may have answered our own question, a little bit! Nothing will get the old tail wagging like the latest issue of Playdog, complete with the ever-risque pictures of various shave jobs. Guaranteed to have you howling like a dog!
Of course, there are ‘zines that cater to the more, “Mature,” crowd. Tackling issues that our senior dogs may face, such as “Barkinsons” and not being able to hold their bowels like they could when we were puppies…oh, wait, they didn’t do such a great job as puppies either! In any event, old dogs are sure to find this a gas (and maybe learn some new tricks too?).

And what dog wouldn’t lift his leg for the latest issue of Pee-pole? All the best in pooch style and trash (can-digging) talk? It’s how all the dogs in the know Keep Up With the Barkdashians!
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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