It’s Official: Largest Collective Pet Wedding Takes Place In China

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
China is the destination for dogs who want to woof “I do,” as pets in this country play an increasingly important part of people’s daily lives.

When the words dog and groom no longer mean just a good brushing, you have to know a par-tay is in the works!

In the U.S. they’ve dubbed it “puptials” and it includes bridesmaids, groomsmen, party planners and lots of tulle and tiaras. It’s akin to what you would find in a bridal store with special fittings, bridal jewelry and accessories. In fact, insiders question not if, but when “pre-puptial” agreements will enter the picture.

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There’s no question the doggie wedding is here to stay and while it’s a trend that’s been percolating in North America for the last decade, this past weekend it hit the front pages in China as 21 canine couples tied the knot in Beijing.

Rumor has it the group had a howling good time and the celebrations went off without a snarl as the pack of partners entered the wedding site together, exchanging tokens and receiving a certificate of marriage. Attended by their families and area pet lovers, the nuptials were witnessed by local celebrities who then issued the papers that made a dog getting hitched as official as it can be. Am I the only one wondering if they dropped the “promise to obey” vow?

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The mass wedding was the brainchild of Chinese pet social networking app “Smack Talk”, a sound and visual social content software that has garnered millions of followers after just three months in operation. Their app lets you post a picture of your little guy, dub your own message and dynamic display means Rover can now “speak” for stuff other than just his treats.

Sound over-the-top? Smack Talk’s decision to organize the wedding came after communication and research with their users. Apparently pet dogs and cats in China number 400 million and it’s expected this number will hit the 500 million mark by the end of 2015.In fact, the country’s National Wedding Industry Committee has announced the establishment of a China Pet Wedding Business Alliance. So you can expect to see a lot more of these weddings in future! Maybe puppy showers next?

Now, we need someone to write an official Miss Manners-esque book on pet wedding etiquette. We need to know how to throw the perfect dog wedding, including invitations, whether guests can bring a date (their owners) and ideas for games and activities after the ceremony for the stressed wedding party to let off steam. I’m thinking advice on how to throw the bouquet would be welcome!

I guess elopement is out of the question?

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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