KYON Pet Tracker Lets Dogs Talk to Owners

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
A new Kickstarter project aims to improve the way owners interact with their dog with a collar that does everything – from telling you when your pet’s hot or cold, to showing you their exact location.

Remember mood rings? A large oval “stone” set into a fake gold setting that was supposed to convey your mood based on its changing colors. Seriously, this cheap and cheesy bling was all the rage back in the day.

Fast forward a couple decades (or so) and today’s “mood rings” are geared towards our furry best friends and come in a much more sophisticated presentation – a super high-tech collar. Not only will it tell you what mood Rover is in 24/7, but his whereabouts via a GPS tracking device that reports back to you via a user-friendly mobile app.

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The KYON Pet Tracker is the first pet collar on the market that includes a 9-axis accelerometer so you can monitor your little guy throughout the day. Low movement levels when he’s home alone may mean he’s feeling a little off and needs some TLC or possibly a visit with the vet. It also includes a heat sensor that flags when your pooch is over-heating (particularly important on long summer hikes) by displaying “I’m Hot” on the collar’s LED screen. And it can quickly alert you to an unplanned pool plunge that may require a rescue.

It gets better. Not only does the KYON include a GPS feature but you can also create a perimeter “safe zone” that ranges from 65 feet all the way up to 300 feet. If your pooch wanders outside of the prescribed zone, you receive an automatic alert on your cellphone and better still, your pet’s LED collar lights up with a message that reads “I’m lost, please call ”.

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And for those of us with little wanderers, we all know how stressful it can be to set out in search when Rover suddenly goes missing. The 3D GPS tracking on the KYON collar offers superior technology that will not only locate your pooch but track him right down to the floor within the address. So he can run, but he sure can’t hide!

You can also use the KYON app to track vet appointments, walk reminders, vaccinations and all notifications will appear on not only the pet parent’s phone, but also the pet’s collar.

The unit is designed to be not only sleek and comfortable but is also water resistant and it conforms to all international safety standards. The battery lasts up to 30 days and can be fully recharged on the unit’s Basestation which is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules that communicate frequently with the collar, mobile app and KYON server.

KYON is based in Greece and is comprised of a dynamic team of engineers, designers and marketers, all dedicated to reinventing the simple dog collar! Mission accomplished, folks!

Intrigued? The KYON Pet Tracker collar fits both dogs and cats that weigh over 7 pounds and sells for just $249 US (with a nominal monthly service fee of $4.99). Interested? Fund the Kickstarter campaign and be the first on your block to own one.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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