Las Vegas Couple Memorialize Beloved Furbaby in a Big Way

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The only fault of dog is that their lives are too short. Mourning the loss of their pooch, a Las Vegas couple paid tribute to their dog in a unique way.

They are our family members in fur… loving us unconditionally and often far better and deeper than we humans love each other. So, when it is time for our dogs to cross the Rainbow Bridge, our hearts are heavy and we miss them terribly.

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That heartbreak is often accompanied by the need to make difficult decisions, and one couple in Las Vegas faced just that situation. King Louie, the seven-year-old beloved Yorkie/Terrier mix fur-baby of Judith Perez and fiance Steve Siegel, was diagnosed with brain inflammation and fluid on his spine. This condition made it near impossible for poor little King Louie to walk, much less have any quality of life, and the couple agonizingly chose to peacefully end King Louie’s suffering.

Memorializing our pets often comes in the form of a beautiful wooden box with remains, and/or a final pawprint to remember them by.

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But King Louie’s parents wanted to do just a bit more. And so, it seems that King Louie, who had once been on a billboard as the poster dog for ‘Yappy Hour,’ at a local hotel, was bound for billboard recognition one last time. Though Perez was initially unsure about the billboard, Siegel said it made sense to be a way to give final tribute to him for all he’d given their family. Two billboards were created, allowing all who’d been touched by King Louie’s life to honor him, and, according to Mom Perez, to allow a dose of cuteness and love into the day of anyone who saw it.

Cuteness and love indeed. Rest well, King Louie. It’s very clear that you show the world that dogs just aren’t like family members…they clearly are family members.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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