Laugh 15% More Watching Geico’s Dog Show Ad, Starring Randy Jackson [Video]

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You know that Geico promises that a few minutes of your time can save you big money, and it’s a given that you picture an adorable little gecko when you’re saying that in your head. (You know you are.)

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Now their latest commercial series, “It’s not surprising…” they are cracking us up with American Idol judge and producer Randy Jackson as the judge of a dog show.

Known for calling everyone and their uncle, “Dawg,”Jackson tells contestants he’s not really ‘buying it’ when it comes to them wanting the title, and that some of the pup contestants ‘need to figure it out,’ so he’ll take them seriously.

Claiming that Randy Jackson judging a dog show would be surprising, but saving a lot of money would not, Geico brilliantly plays to the dog lover in all of us.

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In another ad of the same series, they show how a “Running of the Bulldogs,” would be surprising for many reasons, but saving a lot of money with Geico would not. Again, nothing grabs someone’s attention better than adorable bullies running right out of your screen, and Geico knows it.

That all said, Geico smartly shares the ‘behind the scenes’ of both ads, and they’re just as adorable (if not more so) than the actual ads!

Excuse me…I’m off to give Geico a few minutes of my time. Who says advertising with pets doesn’t work?!