Let’s Celebrate Humane Society Day

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton
November 22 is Humane Society Day. The largest nonprofit animal protection organization in the US, the Humane Society is dedicated to the welfare of animals.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is one of the world’s largest animal welfare, advocacy and rescue organizations. November 22 celebrates the HSUS for their long history and dedication to animal welfare.

Founded in 1954 to combat animal cruelty, the nation’s largest animal protection nonprofit tackles national and global animal welfare issues. According to their website, they focus on five areas:

  • “Provide direct care, rescue, and services for animals in crisis
  • Pass local, state and federal laws to protect animals
  • Make sure existing laws are properly enforced
  • Help the biggest corporations reform their animal welfare policies
  • Shape public opinion on animal cruelty through our awareness campaigns and investigations.”

To achieve these aims, HSUS operates out of every state on a grassroots level while lobbying for change on a national scale from their Washington, DC headquarters. They also raise funds to support their efforts and provide education and advocacy to individuals and partner organizations across the country. The website houses a free database of accessible resources for all animals, from pets to farm animals to wildlife.

For the major initiatives, HSUS provides resources, maps, actionable tips and contact information to help volunteers and local organizations take action. For instance, in their effort to help outdoor (or “community”) cats, HSUS provides a comprehensive list of resources by state, along with educational articles and videos to help those who are on-the-ground helping community cats. Each initiative has similar resource pages freely available for those who want to learn more and those who want to take action.

Honor HSUS on their day! Here are some ways to get involved: Like all nonprofit organizations, HSUS pushes for monetary donations. Other opportunities including helping the organization fundraise, shopping for a cause (perfect for the upcoming holiday season) and taking action by signing up as a volunteer or sharing their mission among your network.

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Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton

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