Man Buys Toy Poodles But Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

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Think you know the difference between a poodle and a ferret? For one Argentinian man, it turned out that the toy poodles he thought he was buying were in fact ferrets pumped up on steroids.

Just one more reason why you should never buy a dog from a pet store, the back of a van or at an Argentinian bazaar, a man thought he was getting a great deal on two toy poodles. Valued at $1,000, he purchased the “poodles” for $150.

It turns out that the fluffy white ferrets, also known as “Brazilian rats,” were given shots of steroids in order to bulk up to dog size. With a little extra grooming, its coat was made extra puffy. And the proud new dog owner only learned what his new puppies were when he took them into the vets for shots.

We’ve posted a picture of the steroid ferret and a toy poodle that was featured on a newscast. Can you tell which is which? Do you think you’d be fooled that easily? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Source: Gawker)