Medicinal Marijuana May Soon Be Available For Pets In Nevada

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
It’s high time we came up with a solution! It works for humans, and now senior and terminally ill dogs could soon benefit from cannabis.

It’s a ground-breaking approach that may eventually see our pets not only escape the aches and pains associated with age or terminal illness but see them do so in an ultra-mellow fashion and with a wicked case of the munchies.

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In Nevada, Senator Tick Segerblom is pushing to give pet owners the option of using veterinarian prescribed marijuana to alleviate the pain that accompanies serious illness. And though the jury’s still out on whether pot puffing pooches suffer less than their “straight” counterparts, it does present a mixed bag of opinions amongst the professionals. Where some err on the side of caution, equating it to giving Rover no-no’s such as chocolate, others say, light ‘er up!

How does it work? For the pet pot pick up, owners would need to get a certificate from their vet, stating they feel the animal would benefit from medicinal marijuana. And while Segerblom admits some animals may have an adverse reaction, he feels it’s at least worth a try.

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Having trouble visualizing your senior schnauzer with a joint other than bone-in with ham attached? No need, as the dosage is given in capsule format!

And organizations such as CannaVet are already working with veterinarians to produce a 100 percent organic hemp product that they say impacts the body’s receptors, triggering chemical reactions that ultimately support your pet’s natural stress response mechanisms.

CannaVet states the product is legal and emphasizes that it works best when given in conjunction with veterinarian prescribed and recommended treatments – often reducing the need for other medications that may have significant and undesirable side effects.

For now, the Nevada pot-for-pets is part of a larger bill that will overhaul the state’s medical marijuana laws and it still has several legislative hurdles to go before becoming law.

What do you think about legalizing medical marijuana for dogs? Would you try it on your pooch, if your vet suggested it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Mary Simpson
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