Michael Phelps Dives Into Pet Nutrition With Nulo Food’s WE DECIDE C

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has partnered with Nulo Pet Food to encourage pet parents to offer their pets the best in nutrition in the new WE DECIDE campaign.

Michael Phelps is a 23-time Olympic gold medalist and Papa to French Bulldogs Juno and Legend. He is also an investor in Nulo Pet Food and joining efforts with a few athlete friends to inspire and encourage pet parents to give their pets the best.

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Nulo Pet’s campaign is called WE DECIDE, and is aimed at helping pet parents make the best decisions for pets by giving them superior nutrition. Phelps will be joined by pro football player Ryan Kerrigan and fellow Olympic medal winner and figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond.

Phelps said that as an athlete, he knows he has to fuel his body with the right nutrition and as a pet parent, he only wants the very same for his dogs Juno and Legend. Partnering with Nulo allows him to share how important pet nutrition is and that when it comes to the healthy living of our pets, we are decision makers.

Nulo, Phelps and friends recognize that more and more pet parents realize how important it is brands have transparency in their products and they hope that desire motivates them to make better decisions for their pets. Nulo believes that it’s important to give a new generation of ‘Deciders’ the tools and information they need to choose superior products for their furry family members.

Nulo Founder and CEO Michael Landa says that they’re thrilled to have Phelps, Kerrigan and Osmond joining them in the effort to inspire people to make decisions in the best interest of active and healthy lives for their pets, and knows them being role models will make a huge impact for pets and their humans.

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Nulo works to inspire pet parents to be ‘Healthier Together,’ and was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 25 Most Innovative Retail Brands. For more information on the WE DECIDE campaign, or more tips on how to keep your pet healthy and happy, you can go to their site.

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