Montreal Citizens Can Voice Opinion On Montreal’s Pitbull Regulation

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The City of Montreal wants to hear the voices of citizens, after repealing the city’s pitbull ban that was put in place by the prior administration.

The City of Montreal, Canada’s former mayor Denis Coderre put a ban on pit bulls in the city while he was in office. It angered many pit bull owners and advocates, and led Projet Montreal’s municipal campaign one focused on animal control. In fact, the promise was to remove the ban on pit bulls, and that’s exactly what happened in December after Coderre was no longer in office.

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Now, Craig Sauve, who is the city councilor who manages Montreal’s animal services file, says that the city wants to hear citizens and experts alike, in order to come be fair to the breed while making sure citizens were safe. The city plans to host eight public consultations this Saturday, February 24th, and on Saturday, March 3rd. They will be in four different boroughs.

Additionally, citizens can visit a website and fill out an online survey so their voices can be heard regardless of their ability to make the consulations, and they can also get information about the consultations if they choose to.

After the consultations are held, the city plans to present the bylaw draft they hope will be approved by the city council. Sauve says the city would like to have the animal control bylaw effective as of June of this year.

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Alanna Devine is the Montreal SPCA Advocacy Director and she says that they are happy with the direction that Projet Montreal is going. They are looking forward to the animal regulations revisions and believe that it’s significant that the city doesn’t just look at citizen voices, but the voices of experts as well to be the fairest to all.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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