How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Pets Life?

A recent poll finds that overall, dog owners are prepared to spend more cash on their pets health than cat owners. But it gets even more interesting as those who own both cats and dogs will spend similar amounts regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat who is sick.

We love our pets, they are part of the family, but like having kids, having pets can be pretty expensive! There’s the food, the beds, the toys, and the routine visits to the vet. But the time when it gets really expensive is when our pets have a serious illness or injury. Vet bills can soon mount up. If your pets are not insured, this can result in some heart-breaking decision making. Just how much money will you spend to save the life of your precious furry friend?

Personally, I have my cats insured. I just wouldn’t want to be in the position of having to choose between my pet and my life savings. I know the cats would win out or I’d feel guilty forever. So I make sure my little furry ones are all well insured should anything bad happen to them.

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So let’s take a look at the results of the poll. The research was undertaken by LendEDU and focused just on cats and dogs, being the main pets that we own.

People who just owned cats would be prepared to spend, on average, up to $3,454.22 to save their cats life. Those who only owned dogs though are prepared to spend a whopping $10,725.46 to save the life of their dog.

But, when it comes to people who own both cats and dogs, the figures change for cats. For this group, they would spend $10,392.99 on average for their dog, and $10,200.15 for their cat. So there’s really not much in it. Interesting isn’t it? Are dog owners simply more generous?

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The respondents were also asked another question, and again we have some fascinating results. This time they were asked how much they spend on their pets overall each year. That’s everything from food to toys. Now you’d expect dog owners to spend more on their dogs are they tend to be bigger, eat more and require bigger and pricier toys and beds etc. So let’s look at the results…

People who just owned cats spent an average of $1,042.53 per year, and dog owners spent $2,033. So no real surprises there. However, those who owned both cats and dogs, actually spent more on their cats than on their dogs! They spent an average of $1,415.08 on their dogs and $1,501.93 on their cats.

[Source: LendEDU ]

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