New Laundromat-Style Dog Wash Opens in Michigan

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Now this is a really cool amenity! “The Lakeshore Pet Wash” is a new laundromat-style dog wash in located in a Ypsilanti, MI apartment complex.

There’s one thing every long haired dog owner fears: the dreaded summer shedding season! Soon enough the entire living room looks, and smells, like your furry friend. If you want to save your vacuum cleaner from a tough job, summer can mean a big expensive trip to the grooming salon to give your dog a clean haircut and to wash away all that extra fluff!

Giving your dog a bath in the tub is another option, but Fido’s coat can clog up your drain pipes and get soap all over you and the bathroom. Though splashing around with your best friend sounds like a fun idea, I wouldn’t want to have to clean that up! What if there was a way to bring the hassle free salon experience to your dog without the expensive price tag? Doggie self-serve wash centres are your answer!

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Making its business debut, “The Lakeshore Pet Wash” opened its doors last month to provide a self-serve dog grooming station for residents of the apartment complex. It’s located just steps from their front doors, meaning no stressful car trips for their pups. The Lakeshore apartments are pet-friendly and boast a pet population of over 500 dogs. This was the perfect spot to test out this novel laundromat idea.

Before you get the wrong idea, no dogs are going into the spin wash cycle! Lakeshore provides a top quality washing station that can be air conditioned or heated depending on the weather. No luxury is spared on the fur kids of Ypsilanti, Michigan! Shampoos, scented deodorizers, coat conditioners, and even flea treatments are all available for residents to use. At a price tag of $10 per use, it beats most grooming fees that add up over the course of the year. You may even save enough to go your own hair stylist for a treat. A 15-minute wash and one quick blow dry later, and your dog is looking fresh again!

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The residents of the complex are overjoyed to have this service available to them, as Lakeshore’s investment in their pet-friendly community seems to be a huge success. Right now it is the first of its kind in the Ypsilanti, Michigan area, but self-service dog washes have been popping up across the country. I’m lucky enough to live close to one, and I have to say the experience is easy and fun! I like getting to spend time my fur babies and they love splashing about in the water.

Launching creative and useful amenities is a great way to boost incentive for pet lovers to move in. Lakeshore is paving the way for other housing companies to follow suit, hopefully, we’ll see more pet-friendly additions to our neighbourhoods! The opportunities are endless: fenced pet play areas, pet sitter sharing programs, maybe even room service style doggie bags. This doggie wash is really getting my tail wagging!


Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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