New Law Means Mexico Will Stop Euthanizing Retired Police Dogs

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At long last, Mexican officials are saying “sí” to giving their aging police K9s the retirement they deserve.

Prior to the the heavily fought for announcement that they would ultimately stay the executions of these loyal canine commandos, the country simply euthanized the dogs after their days of service were over.

The faulty logic of officials was that they feared these uber-trained pooches might end up in the hands of the drug cartels. “Just imagine what a drug cartel could actually do with a battalion of fully trained, ex-police dogs!” Hmmm… I don’t know, what could they do with them? Find the drugs? They already know where the drugs are… Get them to tell secrets?

Anyway, I tend to digress when things don’t make sense.

Victor Hugo Martinez is the director of the country’s K9 unit and he’s just chuffed with the decision.  “They deserve it. For almost their entire lives they’ve done nothing but serve the nation, and they’ve been the best companions.” Damn straight, Victor!

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So, the “Mexican standoff” has finally ended as it should. Retired pooches will be properly thanked for their service, honored with medals, adopted out to families and then carefully monitored to ensure their proper care – and that they haven’t found a way to slip secrets to the cartels.

José Luis Pairo runs the Federacion Canofila Mexicana (FCM) who will be in charge of finding the four-legged heroes their forever homes. “If we’re careful with the adoption process, we can check out the families [looking to adopt] and make sure they can give them a good home.”

Good news all around for the pooches, their handlers and the lucky families who will welcome these heroes.