Retired TSA Dogs Are Looking for Loving Homes

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Looking to earn some frequent flyer cuddles? These dogs are hanging up their airport security gear to snuggle their way into your life.

Members of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) keep us safe every time we travel. Each TSA member is carefully trained to recognize danger and to make sure our travels are well supervised. The TSA is an invaluable service to Americans everywhere. The same can be said for the TSA members of the canine variety, including the dogs used to detect dangerous or contraband substances and prevent them from crossing our borders. You may have seen some of them at the airport, looking adorable but wearing vests that tell you not to pet them for a good reason. Working for the TSA is not an easy task as the lives of many are in your hands or paws. When a TSA dog has had a long and rewarding career and is ready to move onto stress-free retired life, finding the right home for them can be a challenge.

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As working animals, many of the dogs used by TSA agents are not acclimatized to a family dog lifestyle. They may spend long hours and kennels, and may view humans as colleagues rather than playmates. Though many dogs retire as young as two years old, some of the animals might end their careers at an advanced age of 8 to 10 years old, making them senior canines. Sadly, senior dogs are some of the hardest to get adopted despite their years of wisdom and mellowed personalities. Many of the animals are strong and agile breeds like German shepherds and Labrador retrievers, which can be challenging when paired with their specialized training for new dog owners. The chosen animals often have bright and alert personalities, which although aid in their employment, may manifest as quite energetic and a little harder to calm down. Some dogs may not have passed the strict TSA dog guidelines, but may actually work better in loving homes.

However, for an active and experienced adoptive family, retired TSA dogs make wonderful additions to a happy home. Well trained in standard obedience, these dogs are fast learners and ready to become loving pets. Besides, having a dog that can sniff out bombs is a skill sure to one-up everyone else at the dog park. All of the dogs who are retired from the TSA come spayed or neutered and are available for adoption with absolutely no adoption fee. These pups are truly special and sure to change your life if you give them the chance. Every dog deserves a family to love them and retired working dogs are no exception.

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If your household matches the criteria required to have those a retired TSA dog, and you would be willing to let one into your heart, please consider the option. Adoptions are run through coordinators in San Antonio, Texas and require a visit to make sure you’re a good fit. The coordinator can be reached at and they would be happy to answer any questions you have. Your next best friend is just an email way, so why don’t you give a hard-working dog a chance? They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but one who comes with some interesting talents already is sure to melt your heart.

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