This New York Hospital Is Paying For People To Adopt Pets

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Being a pet parent will significantly improve the quality of your life: and I’m not thinking about the perks like unlimited cuddles and unconditional love. Studies have shown that pets can reduce depression and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, improve your immunity, and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack. This is what prompted St. Joseph’s Health Center to organize a unique campaign during the National Heart Month.

During February, this New York medical center will support anyone looking to adopt a pet by covering the adoption fees. In case you want to adopt a dog, all of the charges will be paid for, and that includes spaying or neutering and a microchip. For cats, however, only some adoption fees will be covered.

Dr. Russell Silverman, the medical director for St. Joseph’s Physicians Cardiology Services, said that he noticed the myriad of benefits adopting a pet has, particularly for seniors, who seem to light up when they have a furry companion. The bond between a pet and their owner improves the overall outlook on life a person has, and, more to the point, reduces their chance of needing Dr. Silverman’s services.

St. Joseph’s wonderful campaign gives a perfect excuse to New Yorkers who were thinking about adopting a four-legged family member to save a life a shelter dog or a cat this month. The no-fee adoption offer is not limited to heart patients; any person can use it. All you need to do is visit or call Humane Animal Shelter or SPCA and meet your new best friend.