Not-At-All Weird Guy Wants to “Hang Out” With Your Pets

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
He’ll walk your dog for free, just because. Man raises some eyebrows with a bizarre flyer, but he says he means well.

How do we draw the line between creepy and cute on this one? Patrick Drennen from Melbourne, Australia, really really really likes dogs. He likes pets, and hanging out with them, so much that he hand penned a flyer requesting to meet local pets to have a good time with. Detailed in the flyer was an offer for free dog walking, as well as a doodle of a pup. Someone had one thing on his mind: dog time!

“Free dog walking – just want to hang out with a dog for a bit. Nothing weird, just think dogs are sick,” he wrote, accompanied by a minimalist sketch of a happy dog.

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Residents were not too sure what to make of the sign, questioning Drennen’s motives and tactics. However, the man promised the dog owners that there was nothing “weird” about the offer, he just wanted to make some new puppy pals. Can’t blame him! If only there was Tinder for finding cute animals to pet nearby, I’m sure we’d all swipe right to a cute pooch face. Dogs over dudes and dudettes any day!

The picture was posted to Facebook where it went viral and was shared by many accounts who enjoyed Drennen’s unique sense of humour. Comments suggested he look at dog walking as a full-time profession, while others merely identified with his dog appreciating sentiments. Drennen’s ad did not lead him to any dog bonding time, but he was offered the chance to pet some dogs by local residents who wanted to help him out. One woman even offered her Golden Retriever for the man to cuddle.

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“Still haven’t got to walk a dog yet guys but I did get to pat a poodle so that was pretty sick. Glad you liked my poster though,” Drennen recently posted in response to his poster blowing up.

Several people have pointed Drennen in the direction of local animal shelters who are in need of volunteers to walk and play with their dogs. Why not take a local rescue dog out on a pup date? Sounds like a pretty good idea to me! You can always call up shelters in your area to see if they require any extra hands to help out, it’s a great way to give back to your community.

As for posters, they may not be the most effective way to get you dog face to face time, but they sure are funny! Just make sure your neighborhood shares your sense of wit, or things could get awkward.

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