Ohio Business Man Braves The Cold For Family Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An Ohio man is demonstrating how domestic animals are not equipped to deal with winter weather in an extreme way–he’s sleeping outside in the cold to bring awareness to this issue.

Luke Westerman is a friend to animals and has been for years. He’s a well-known venture capitalist and animal advocate who has worked tirelessly for animal rights, as well as given much in donations to organizations that also fight for animals. Now that temperatures in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio are going to be below-zero in the upcoming days, Westerman wants his fellow humans to think about what it is like to be outside in such conditions. What would it feel like for a domestic animal, like a stray cat or dog, to spend the night in the cold?

Westerman calls leaving pets out in these cold days inhumane (we agree!) and says that if people would just bring their pets in during the winter months, deaths of our furry four-legged friends due to extreme weather could be eliminated.

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Domesticated animals like cats and dogs are not built physically to handle such cold temperatures, and a sad reality is that many pets will literally freeze to death. As responsible pet owners, Westerman believes that it is our obligation to bring our pets inside with cold temperatures, as pets can’t tell their owners when they are too cold or in pain from the extreme temperatures.

Westerman spent the night in Columbus’s Goodale Park on Wednesday night, in temperatures that were well-below zero, with the hopes of emphasizing that if it is too cold for a human to sleep outside, it is also too cold for family pets to stay outside as well.

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Keep an eye on the temperatures outside, and remember that if you’re cold, so is Fido, and he needs to come in!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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