Pampered Chihuahua Chills Out While Getting A Head Massage [Video]

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
AHHHHHHH… that’s the spot!

Long week at the office?

Us too!

With the long weekend coming up, we should all take a cue from this little fur ball. Sit back, relax and let someone (or in this Chihuahua’s case, something) pamper you.

Check out the video below for an overdose of cute as this lucky dog chills his way into weekend.

Ahhhhhhh … now isn’t that divine? We know one carefree canine who certainly thinks so!

Speaking of pampered pooches, did you know that September is Pampered Pet Month here at

Starting Monday, keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be featuring special stories all month about how you can spoil your furry friend rotten! And for all the love they give us, they deserve some extra special treatment, right?

Stay tuned, fellow pet lovers… Pampered Pet Month is on its way!

Christina Peden
Christina Peden

Christina Peden is a lifelong animal lover and avid wordsmith. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend Ryan where they are proud pet parents to puppy, Matilda and cat, Oscar. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying Toronto, Canada's all-too-short patio season, taking advantage of the city's numerous parks or curled up with a good book.

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