This Pet Carrier Received the Highest Crash Test Rating from CPS

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For any pet parent, the safety of their furry family member is the number one priority. Unfortunately, their concerns are not necessarily the pet industry’s too, because, in most cases, manufacturers are not required to meet performance criteria or test their products before. So, how are you supposed to be absolutely sure that a product is completely safe for your car or dog to use?

The same thing troubled the founders of Center for Pet Safety, a research and consumer advocacy organization dedicated to testing quality of pet products and ensuring that they are up to standards. The testing and product performance requirements are rigorous, and, currently, only a few products flaunts the CPS Certification badge. The latest product to be included in the exclusive list is the Gen7 Commuter™ carrier, which passed the center’s test with flying colors.

Black model of Gen7 Commuter™ Pet Carrier & Car Seat.

The Center for Pet Safety has a Crash Test Protocol and Rating Guideline, a testing method based on scientific research, that’s meant to determine how secure a carrier is in case of a car crash. The Gen7 Commuter™ received the highest crash test rating from the CPS, a testament to its meticulous design and extraordinary quality. The carrier, which comes in two colors- burgundy and black, is suitable for pets up to 20 lbs and specifically designed for car travel.

Although pet product testing is not mandatory now, it might be in the future. With more and more pet owners wanting to have a quality guarantee for anything they buy for their four-legged babies, it’s only logical that the companies will start considering submitting their products for testing.

What are your thoughts about this? Would the CPS Certification badge encourage you to buy a specific product, or is it all the same to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!