Pets of the Homeless Provide Free Sleeping Crates for Furbabies in Homeless Shelters

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On any given night, around half a million people experience homelessness in the United States alone, according to statistics. To break the homeless cycle, the first step would be checking in a shelter, but for homeless pet owners, that’s often not the option. A lot of homeless shelters don’t allow animals under any circumstances, and rather than giving up their pet; people stay on the streets with their four-legged best friend by their side. Thus, being denied social services that could help set them on a path to permanent housing.

To help both the homeless and the shelters that give them refuge, Pets of the Homeless is donating free collapsible crates for the pets. A crate would provide the four-legged boarder of the emergency or homeless shelter with a safe, secluded space to spend the night: they wouldn’t bother anyone or be bothered by anyone in their private space. This could hopefully encourage more shelters, particularly those who are already open to admitting pets but didn’t have the funds for a sustainable solution, to house homeless pet owners.

Pets of the Homeless is the only national nonprofit organization that is focused on the well-being of animals in the care of the homeless. And, unfortunately, the number of pet owners struggling with homelessness is not insignificant: there are are thousands of people living on the street with their cat or dog with them. Hopefully, this will start to change, starting with shelter accommodation. Having access to free collapsible crates could be the seemingly little thing that would make a big change for the pet parents who are seeking admittance into an emergency or a homeless shelter.