PetSafe Awards $275K to 25 Cities Across America for Off-Leash Dog Par

The 2017 Bark for Your Park program by PetSafe announces 25 cities set to receive more than $275K in funds to help build and maintain off-leash dog parks.

Dogs across the U.S. are wagging their tails a little extra today. That’s because PetSafe has announced the 25 cities that are the grant recipients of their 2017 Bark for Your Park campaign – they’ll be awarded the funds necessary to build new off-leash dog parks and maintain them in tip-top condition!

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If you’ve never heard of the The Bark for Your Park program, let us give you the rundown. Every year, PetSafe want to create safe, off-leash areas for pets and their humans to enjoy. Since its launch in 2011, PetSafe has helped fund 64 off-leash dog parks in 40 states, bringing fellow animal lovers in the community together and giving dogs a wonderful outdoor space where they can exercise, socialize, and most importantly, sniff butts!

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PetSafe received a whopping 215 grant applications in 2017, which exceeded all other years of the program. Out of these 215 applications, PetSafe selected 25 communities across the United States to receive funding. Five grant winners will be awarded with $25,000 in prizes to help build new dog parks, ten $10,000 prizes to enhance existing dog parks and ten $5,000 prizes to maintain existing dog parks. The 2018 Bark for Your Park application period will reopen in the Spring.

If you’d like to see what cities will be getting a dog-park upgrade, check out the PetSafe’s Bark for Your Park website, and start planning your next dog-friendly outing (we REALLY want to visit the new dog park that will be opening in Honolulu, HI!).

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