Pup Attempts Family Reunion With The Help Of Facebook

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Frito was one of six puppies dropped off at the Texas Humane Heroes rescue organization in October 2015. The sweet pups all found forever homes, but none were able to be placed together. Frito’s owners have always wondered what happened to his furry siblings, and thought a playdate reunion with them would be fabulous.

They did what many of us do when looking for someone–they posted on Facebook to see if anyone had any idea of where the dogs went after adoption. Texas Humane Heroes posted the cutest call-out picture ever of Frito asking if anyone knew where his siblings were. According to the rescue, some have been found and a reunion playdate is in the works for February!pup-looks-for-siblings-on-facebook1

The sibling names at the time of adoption were Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy, Aspen, and of course, Frito. The organization also posted the puppies’ sibling picture from when they were in the shelter, and hopes that all the pups can be reunited with their long-lost family members.

So far, Raven has been found, and we hope that the rest will shortly be as well, because that’s one family reunion we all want to see!

If you know where any other pups may be, contact Texas Humane Heroes and let them know! There’s sure to be a lot of love when they are all together!