Rescue Dog Goes From McObese to Chiseled Chihuahua

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An extremely overweight Chihuahua-mix is living large after being taken off her diet of McDonald’s and losing more than three times her body weight.

Little Chihuahua-mix Carmelite was, well… not so little. Weighing in at a hefty 47 pounds at the North Shore Animal League near Long Island, New York, Carmelite was extremely obese, and in danger of serious health conditions.

Though she’d lost some weight by the time Eileen Cutter came upon her, she still was extremely heavy, and clearly not living her best life. Cutter was well known by the staff at the Humane Society by her house in Housatonic, Massachusetts, as she often adopted stray dogs from them.

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When 1 of her 5 adopted dogs died in 2016, she decided to look at North Shore for the one that tugged at her heart, and it was without question, Carmelite. She said she saw her picture and couldn’t believe how much help she needed, but knew she and her husband were the ones for the job.

Cutter had an older Chihuahua that she had helped slim down from 23 pounds to nine pounds, so she knew she could help Carmelite. It started with baby steps in October of 2016, after she and her husband adopted her and began taking her for short little walks.

Carmelite was not a fan, and Cutter says that after two houses, she’d just turn around and refuse to go anymore. Carmelite’s previous owners had fed her McDonalds and she rarely, if ever, exercised. Once she realized that getting fit was the new normal, though, Carmelite decided she’d be all-in.

She began enjoying walking more and eating healthier, and the pounds melted away. A year later? Carmelite is a svelte 11.5 pounds and she loves playing with her fur-siblings and walking for mile-long walks. Cutter says Carmelite recognizes her limitations and paces herself, but she’s turned into the most active of her dogs.

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And now Carmelite is living her best life, rewarded every now and then with a treat for her dedication and commitment to her health.

Way to work it off, Carmelite!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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