Say “Bacon” – FLEXY PAW Mobile Attachment Snaps Awesome Pet Self

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Getting the perfect pic of your pet isn’t as easy as it seems. But with the FLEXY PAW smartphone attachment, you’ll be able to fill your Facebook feed with tons of amazing shots!

You’re out relaxing in the backyard when suddenly your little guy has the most hilarious look on his face and you just have to post it…so you reach for your camera. Steady, slow, snap! Right? Wrong. Now he’s distracted by a noise, the cat, a breeze or the smell of a barbecue and the moment is lost.

We’ve all been there and that’s why the FLEXY PAW is one of those clever little ideas we wish we’d thought up years ago. How it works is simple; it’s a lightweight flexible arm that attaches to the top of your phone with a small paw shaped clip that holds your pet’s fave treat or toy. Get the picture? You will!

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No need to install apps or try to hold your phone steady while you frantically wave and dangle foodstuff to get Rover’s attention. Just snap it in place and let the bait (errr, treat) do its work.

You want up-close and personal, you got it! You want paw up, cute, smile, wink or playful? Your pet will be happy to oblige all the while keeping their eye on the prize.

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The manufacturers of FLEXY PAW are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $39,000 in funds needed to get these units produced in volume. What’s great is that they will be donating a percentage of all profits to the 4Life Animal Rescue in Orange County, California who provide care and resources to animals in need including adoption, training and rehabilitation services.

Join PetGuide’s very own Amy Tokic in backing this campaign (she couldn’t help herself)! Pledge just $16 or more and you will receive your own FLEXY PAW with anticipated delivery in November 2017 and free shipping in the United States. For $75 or more you will receive 5 FLEXY PAWs – hey, jingle bells and all that stuff!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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