Survey: Owners Are Their Pet’s Biggest Fans on Social Media

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
From following social media-famous pet profile to on-the-hour furry updates, pets definitely play a huge role in our social media lives.

Thanks to social media, my two-year-old bird has more Instagram followers than I ever had in my two year ownership of a human Instagram account (and he’s only been active for nine months). But to be honest, I’m not too surprised, as there are a ton of social media accounts dedicated to feathery friends, royal kitties and picture-perfect pooches. And thanks to a survey conducted by Mars Petcare US, I realize I’m not the only one who has a pet more popular than them!

The survey revealed that a whopping 85 percent of pet owners post about their pets on social media an average of two times per week. Furthermore, one in six say that they’ve created a social media profile specifically for their dog/cat/bird/etc; and half of those respondents say their pet got more attention. Yup, I definitely fall into that latter category… but that’s okay. The fact that people enjoy my fluffy caique’s features more than my mundane postings means he’s cool and I’m not. Like any proud mamma, I’m just happy he’s getting the attention he deserves. Heck yea, Max is adorable!

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Back to those stats: one third of survey participants say they post about their pets as much (and as often) as they do about their actual human family. Thirteen percent admitted to posting about their pets even more than they do their family! I understand what you mean, participants – my human friends/family only get a shout out on special occasions. Otherwise, it’s all about funny bird moments and adorable dog memories (sorry, mom!).

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When it comes to comments and likes, more than half of pet parents admit they care more about their pet-crafted updates than they do for any other image they post, including changes to their own profile picture. Thirty percent of polled pet owners say they follow famous animals on social media, which isn’t hard to believe since there are so many out there.

What are your favorite social media-famous pet profiles to follow? Let us know in the comments below!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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