Service Dog Mr. Gibbs Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For One Lucky Little Gi

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Goldendoodle Mr. Gibbs gives best friend Alida a leash on life by carrying her oxygen tank on his back.

Okay, on the tissue meter, on this story is off the scale. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. (*Sniff!)

Mr. Gibbs is a police officer, but not in the conventional way. He’s also a parent, a best friend and a beast of burden. You see, Mr. Gibbs is a companion dog to a little girl named Alida who was diagnosed with a rare lung disease when she was just a few months old. Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia (NEHI) means she now requires oxygen to help her breathe 24/7 and well, the prospect of a toddler toting oxygen canisters is about as likely as a dog giving his treat to the cat. That ain’t going to happen!

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Enter Mr. Gibbs. This enthusiastic play-mate is in charge of carrying Alida’s oxygen tanks when outdoor activities are on the agenda and he takes his role very seriously. So much so, that he eagerly accompanies her everywhere including a ride down the backyard slide to ensure she is never without the critical, life-saving apparatus he carries in his backpack.

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The story of Alida and her Mr. Gibbs was first brought to light three years ago, when the rambunctious little girl was just a toddler. Today, like any 5 year old, Alida has enrolled in kindergarten, has joined the cheer-leading squad and is preparing for a ballet recital later this spring. All milestones she has been able to accomplish and share with buddy, now classmate, Mr. Gibbs. Here’s a question: how do you fit a dog into a tutu?

Watch a video of the two in action below!

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Mary Simpson
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