Does Sharing a Bed With Your Dog Affect Your Sleep?

If you share your bed with your dog, does it have a positive or negative effect on your sleep? A new study attempts to find out!

The Mayo Clinic have undertaken a study to discover how having a dog on your bed at night affects your sleep. Many of us allow our dogs to sleep on our beds. The study reported that most people believed their dog disrupted their sleep, but many people also reported that their dog gave them comfort at night.

The study involved 40 adults, all in good health with no sleep disorders. All adults and dogs wore a sleep tracking device for a period of seven nights. This device measured the length and quality of sleep for both humans and their dogs.

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The study found that on average, the human subjects slept for an average of 404 minutes out of the 478 minutes they spent in bed. Sleep efficiency levels were measured at 81%.

When the dogs sleep trackers were assessed, it was found that on average, the dogs were restful for 413 minutes. They were active for 62 minutes and actively playful for 2 minutes. However, the sleep efficiency of the dogs was found to be higher, on average, than their owners, at 85%.

The study concludes that having a dog on the bed does reduce sleep efficiency, but having a dog in the bedroom but not on the bed does not affect sleep as had been previously thought to be the case.

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Many of us like to have our pets close to us at night. If we work long hours during the day, we feel as if the nights are our chance to spend some time with our pets. A dog in the bedroom can be comforting. It can help you relax, and it can also help you to feel safe and secure.

So if you have your dog in your bedroom, your sleep shouldn’t be affected if your dog has his own bed on the floor. If you do have your dog on your bed, then you might want to get to bed a little earlier as your quality of sleep may not be so good!

[Source: News Medical]

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