Top 10 Dog Breeds That Snore [Video]

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Forget sawing logs – from a light aircraft taking off to an angry mama bear charging to protect her cubs, these dog breeds will keep you awake with their loud and hilarious snores.

The Hallmark vision of a dog nestled in peacefully for the night and sleeping quietly at your feet is one we all dream about. But when it comes to real life, some dog breeds sound like a nightmare brought to life, thanks to their snores! Dogs fidget, turn over, whine and fart while they’re asleep, just like every other human being – that means their just as capable of keeping us wide awake with their thunderous slumbering

The reason behind these breeds’ sleepy snorts is due in most part to their anatomy. Brachycephalic breeds have shorter air passages that cause snoring. However, we still think they are incredibly cute (and sometimes a little disruptive…especially when you’re having that dream about being surrounded by hundreds of adorable puppies). Without further ado, here’s our list of the Top 10 Dog Breeds that Snore (along with other equally adorable/annoying sleeping habits). (Photo credit: Willee Cole/Bigstock)

Shih Tzu

You wouldn’t believe the nightly wheezes that come out of this little guy, who makes such a big noise for a little guy. Then again, they do look like mini Chewbaccas. And while they don’t really sound like the big furry guy when they’re awake, they can definitely give him a run for his money when they imitate him at bedtime. (Photo credit: chaoss/Bigstock)


Quite possibly the loudest of them all, Pugs can comfortably compete in a snorefest against humans and win. Their snores can only be described as human in nature, punctuated by the occasional snort and loud exhale. The best part is probably the fact that many can keep one eye open (or both partially open) with their tongue sticking out a tiny bit while singing you the song of their people. It’s a hilarious combination that demands some screen time… which we’ve happily included here.

Boston Terrier

These pooches have been known to wake up an entire household with their loud, sleepy snuffles. Boston Terriers are famous for their ability to sleep through snorts, snores, wheezes, slobber, and the occasional gassy outbreak. In short, a Boston Terrier is a tiny, four-legged version of your grandpa (complete with hair growing out of his ears)! (Photo credit: Eduard Vivsik/Bigstock)

Neapolitan Mastiff

What do you mean that’s not a fog horn being blown right in my ear? These massive, intimidating-looking dogs are actually quite affectionate, and once you’ve heard them snore, they’re pretty hilarious as well. One thing’s for sure, if this guy roams free inside your home while you’re away, you may skip on getting an alarm system, as his snore may set the darn thing off! You may also want to invest in a heavy-duty mop, as mastiffs are also known to be heavy droolers! Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!

French Bulldog

These snorzillas often fall asleep with their tongue sticking out of their mouth, which makes for some pretty great photo ops. Their unconscious honking can range from the high-pitched grunt to the full-out, nothing-held-back snore that sounds like it should be coming out of their derriere…oh no. It did come out of their derriere! Gross! (Photo credit: techvisionary /Bigstock)


Have you ever caught your parents or grandparents snoozing on the couch, head back, mouth ajar…and snoring so loudly, it’ll probably register a 4.0 on the Richter scale? Well, that’s exactly how this big dog sounds like when, in their mind, they are peacefully dreaming in la-la-land. Also beware of that rear end, which can simultaneously let out a big ol’ fart whilst asleep – how charming!

Japanese Chin

While not at loud as the Boxer or Bulldog, this little guy can still pack a punch when it comes to sawing logs.Their nightly sounds can only be described as something between the sound of a happy exhale and a lifetime supply of phlegm in their throat. Since this little guy loves human companionship, you can be sure that they will try and sleep right beside you, meaning you can try to keep each other up with your snores. (Photo credit: seiichi.nojima/Flickr)

Chow Chow

These fuzzy bear pups are notoriously loud sleepers. If you have infants in your household or any young children trying to take a nap, remember to keep this super-cuddly dog in another room, as they will probably wake them up within five minutes of falling asleep! Their snores range from sounding like a never-ending raspberry to a jet fighter taking flight.


Why is that hairball snoring? Who knew that rumbles and grunts could be heard over all that fur? What do they sound like, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever heard a really crummy motorcycle struggling to get up a steep hill…it’s that, and then some. No beauty rest for you! (Photo credit: markaumark/Bigstock)

English Bulldog

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