Shelter Pets Are Now California’s Official State Pet

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton
Taking its place alongside California’s existing official symbols, shelter animals get much-needed (and deserved) attention as the Golden State’s recognized pet.

In an effort to stress the importance of adopting a shelter pet, the California State Legislature passed a concurrent resolution, ACR 56, declaring the Shelter Pet as the official California State Pet.

Of the more than 800,000 animals taken into California shelters each year, less than half are adopted into homes. This resolution aims to draw attention to that and encourage Californians to consider adopting a shelter pet.

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“Humane societies are often charged with nearly impossible tasks like reviving debilitated animals or placing them in homes with loving families,” said Assemblymember Eric Linder, who introduced the resolution. “I hope by naming the Shelter Animal as California’s State Pet, we can highlight great organizations like the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, and all the good work they do for our animals.”

Assemblymember Linder garnered support from big California names like Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records, actress Alison Eastwood (Clint’s daughter) and Madeline Bernstein, President, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles.

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“Far too often, shelter animals are forgotten or mistreated, and the people who work to save these animals are going above and beyond,” said Linder. “We hope that by designating them the California State Pet, we bring special awareness to the plight of these special animals.”

Eleven states have named an official state dog, and Colorado also selected shelter pets as theirs.

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Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton

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